Alien RDWC Pro Silver 4 Pots 36L

  • Alien RDWC Pro Silver 4 Pots 36L
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  • Ideal Grow Room Koko: 1,5m x 1,2m
  • Järjestelmän tilavuus: 125ltr
  • Säiliön tilavuus: 120ltr
  • Tehonkulutus: 23w
  • Ilmapumpun koko: 42 l / min
  • Vesipumpun koko: 1350 lph

The ALIEN® RDWC systems have many new features in either the “Black Series” or “PRO Silver Series.”

The fittings are threaded and secured with rubber washers and nuts, making system installation and relocation easier. Heavy-duty clips on the pots’ sides elevate the airlines off the floor. The Net Pot is improved and manufactured in Supersoft™ material to avoid root damage. The square design suits Rockwool cubes, but it remains round on the outside, so rotation is still possible. The base includes a raised grid to lift the cube slightly to avoid over-saturated.

All RDWC systems now come with factory-fitted chiller fittings on the side of the header, making chiller installation simple. The new Jet-Stream™ air pumps have been designed with Deep Water Culture in mind and boast a high pressure while still retaining low noise and wattage. They feature a double damping system for noise absorption, and the twin air chambers produce a large quantity of air at intense pressure.

CAMO® Tanks are included in the kit to maintain the optimum nutrient solution level.


*Air pump not included

Key Benefits

  • Heat reflective Silver Polymer

  • Super oxygenated

  • Reduced veg time

  • Uniform PH & EC

  • Plug in and grow

  • Minimal medium

Key Features

  • Dual-Flow™ fittings

  • 50mm silver pipe

  • A.I.R™ Rings

  • Heavy duty pots

  • Elevated airlines

  • Square net pots

  • Inline valve & filter

  • Chiller ready

Kit Includes:

  • Pots

  • Lids

  • Net pots

  • Pot clips

  • Dual-Flow™ fittings

  • Nuts

  • Collars

  • Washers

  • Valve & filter

  • Spanner

  • Pipe cutters

  • Instructions

  • A.I.R™ Rings

  • 6mm Air-line

  • Blue 6mm tees

  • Suckers large


  • 6mm blue

  • 16mm silver

  • 19mm blue

  • 50mm silver *

* Supplied in 1-meter lengths

System specification:

  • Minimum footprint:
    Length: 1.3m Width: 0.9m
    (Pots as close as possible)
    (without tank)

  • Maximum footprint:
    Length: 1.55m Width: 1.17m
    (with the supplied amount of pipe)
    (75cm plant centers)
    System Volume: 125L


  • Water tank: 120L

  • Air requirement: 40L/min

  • Water chiller: 300L

  • Plant centers: 60cm

  • Veg time: 10-14 days

Water Pump:

  • Model: JET-STREAM™ SILENT 1.5

  • Maximum Flow: 1350 L/hr

  • Power: 23W



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